Topola - o nama



In the last 63 years, Topola has been working for many customers. In our home town, those customers were all the foundries in the machine construction and shipbuilding companies in our region: Vulkan, Rikard Benčić, 3. Maj, Uljanik. Among our clients there were the leading companies in machine construction in Croatia: Prvomajska, Končar, Litostroj, Dalit, The Sisak Ironworks, as well as the leading ironwork companies in the neighbouring Slovenia: The Jesenice Ironworks, The Ravne na Koroškem Ironworks, and others. Although the said companies mostly had their own pattern making departments, to almost all of them Topola was the second most important pattern making company when it came to making the patterns for their own foundries, because Topola had the know-how about the making of the technically most demanding patterns.

In the crisis which came about at the beginning of the nineties, the demand for casting in Croatia and Slovenia diminished, so we turned to the exportation to foreign countries, primarily Italy, where we have been making business very successfully for 25 years. After Croatia entered the European Union, the possibilities for placing our patterns in all the EU countries has additionally been made easier.


The decision to make the first autonomous pattern making company Topola was made in 1958, although in the Rijeka area there already were several pattern making departments within the foundries. In a short period, about ten pattern makers were employed in Topola, which made it a middle-sized pattern-making company.

Pattern making company Topola has been producing exclusively wooden patterns for the needs of foundries, so we classify our company as a tool making establishment. In its whole working lifetime, Topola has been acting exclusively as an autonomous company, while all the other pattern-making facilities at the time were parts of the existing factories and foundries.
It's particularly worth to accentuate that until the beginning of the nineties Rijeka had three big foundries and three middle-sized foundries, so the demand for pattern making was high. However, during the conflicts in the territory of ex-Yugoslavia, the then-existing factories and foundries were closed, so Topola has remained without work on the home market. During the pre-war period, Topola had been producing patterns not only for the factories and foundries in Rijeka, but also for all the most important factories and foundries through Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Topola then turned to the customers from the neighboring Italy because the Italian factories and foundries had already been acquainted with the capabilities of this pattern making company, so the production of patterns for the Italian customers started.

With Croatia becoming independent, and with the market economy being established in Croatia, the privatization of the existing companies was enabled, so mr. Vlado Dukić, who has been the Topola's manager for many years, became also its owner.

The production of patterns in Topola has always been, and still is, flawless in its quality, because through the generations all our pattern makers have always been great experts in the technological problematics of casting.